Swan and Wolf

"Swan and Wolf" is the new album by writer, artist, and musician, Nathaniel Bellows.



Swan and Wolf is the new album by writer, visual artist, and musician, Nathaniel Bellows, who contributed all acoustic guitar, vocals, lyrics, and artwork to the record. Each of the ten songs on Swan and Wolf is accompanied by an original illustration. Visit the Gallery to see the artwork and lyrics.

Other artists on Swan and Wolf include:

Timo Andres [piano]: How High
David Garland [bass guitar]: Add to This
Michael Hammond [electronics]: To Wait, What Then
Kid Millions [percussion]: It Wasn’t
Padma Newsome [violin]: In Time

Produced and Recorded by Nathaniel Bellows

Mixed by Brian Losch
Mastered by Rob Murray
Recorded in Maine and New York City, USA

Nathaniel Bellows' first record, The Old Illusions, was released by Harmon Blunt in 2016. More about that record, HERE, and more information about Nathaniel Bellows on the Bio page.


© Nathaniel Bellows 2017